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Neptune Middle School Assembly, Florida

Youth motivational speaker, Eddie Cortes, delivered an engaging presentation to 1,600 students at Neptune Middle School in Kissimmee, Florida on February 23, 2018.

The school assembly was organized by Dean Judith Geano to teach teens to make healthy choices on and offline. In this digital era, students need to understand that choices made online can impact their offline experiences.

During the presentation, Eddie shared that 90% of students have witnessed some form of cyberbullying. While the statistic is daunting, he also noted how the problem is full of possibilities. Eddie passionately empowered students to “be a friend.” Looking directly at the students, he said, “that means 90% of you can be a voice for those bullied. Don’t be a bystander, be a friend. Speak up, speak out, and report any and all bullying.”

Assistant Principal Maritza Luciano said that Eddie delivered a “fun, energetic, and thought-provoking presentation.” She also said, “every middle and high school student needs to hear Eddie’s message.”

At the end of the school assembly Eddie encouraged every student to pursue their goals. He said, “every choice matters, those you make offline and even those you make online. Your choices will either move you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams, or one step further away. Make choices with your dreams in mind.”

Eddie is now booking dates around his new presentation titled Dare to Dream. A message themed around his childhood dream to play baseball for the New York Yankees. In this talk, Eddie shares his struggles of not being good enough, overcoming life’s circumstances and finding the courage to dream. To learn more about the Dare to Dream school assembly click here.

Eddie is scheduled to speak at Ventura Elementary School in Kissimmee, FL in October.

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Eddie Cortes has dedicated his life to inspiring students to rise above their circumstances to fulfill their potential. His ability to engage an audience full of teenagers is uncanny, his story inspiring, and one your students would not want to miss.

Invite Eddie to speak at your school.