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With over 20 years of experience in the youth market, Eddie Cortes has been living out his life-long mission to empower students to build resilience and a positive self-worth.

This mission is personal for him. As a middle schooler, Eddie’s dream of playing Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees came crashing down when his cousin told him that he was not big enough, fast enough, or talented enough to play pro ball. That moment crushed Eddie’s self-worth and he stopped chasing his dream.

From that point forward Eddie stopped believing in himself. In fact, his negative self-view impacted his grades, relationships, choices, and ultimately he stopped dreaming.

This experience is what fuels Eddie’s mission. He wants every elementary and middle school student to know that they are braver than they believe, stronger than they seem, smarter than they think, and worthy of their dreams.

Over the past several years Eddie has had the privilege to partner with public and private schools across the United States to share his message.

In his fun and interactive school assembly called I’M POSSIBLE, Eddie helps students to nurture a positive self-view, and build resilience to overcome disappointment, failure, and obstacles.

His enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Eddie’s ability to captivate elementary and middle school students with humor and storytelling draw students to the edge of their seats. His honest and thought-provoking approach will challenge every student to chase their dreams.

Eddie, has a bachelor’s degree in leadership, loves Chinese food, and is a CrossFit enthusiast. When he’s not speaking, Eddie is making memories with his bride and daughter.

To learn more about Eddie’s school assembly, I’M POSSIBLE, click here or email booking@eddiecortes.com.

“Eddie is a gifted and enthusiastic communicator with superb presentation skills.”
Michelle B., High School Teacher


In his fun and interactive presentation titled “I’M POSSIBLE,” youth motivational speaker Eddie Cortes will help students realize that they are not defined by their limitations. He uses humor and thought-provoking stories to teach elementary and middle school students that they are worthy of their dreams and challenge them to chase them.


  • nurture a positive self-view that will boost their self-worth
  • focus on their strength, rather than their weakness
  • build resilience to overcome disappointment, failure, and obstacles


  • 65% of students struggle with self-worth
  • a negative self-view impacts academic results, social, emotional, and mental health
  • students with low self-esteem engage in cutting, bullying, smoking, and drinking

Students with a positive self-worth are more resilient, more likely to overcome failure, and achieve better academic results. Resilient students chase their dreams.

Let’s help your students build resilience and a positive self-worth.

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